Can the main() function left empty?

Yes, possibly the program doing nothing. 

Mon Dec 3,2018

Which key word is used to perform unconditional branching?

goto key word 

Mon Dec 3,2018

What is the difference between ++i and i++?

“++i” is called prefixed increment and the increment will happen first on a variable. “i++” is called postfix increment and the increment happens after the value of a variable used for the operations. 

Mon Dec 3,2018

How many operators are there under the category of ternary operators?

There is only one operator and is conditional operator (? : ). 

Mon Dec 3,2018

What are the basic data types associated with C language?

1. Int – Represent number (integer).
2. Float – Number with a fraction part.
3. Double – Double-precision floating point value.
4. Char – Single character.
5. Void – Special purpose type without any value. 

Mon Dec 3,2018

What do you mean by NULL pointer?

NULL is used to indicate that the pointer doesn’t point to a valid location. Ideally, we should initialize pointers as NULL if we don’t know their value at the time of declaration. Also, we should make a pointer NULL when memory pointed by it is deallocated in the middle of a program. 

Mon Dec 3,2018

What are the different storage class specifiers in C?

auto, register, static, extern 

Mon Dec 3,2018

When was C language developed and Who is the founder of C language?

C language was developed in 1972 at bell laboratories of AT&T by Dennis Ritchie.  

Mon Dec 3,2018
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