CTE in Sql Server  

CTE was introduced with the SQL Server 2005. A CTE (Common Table Expression) is temporary result set that you can reference within a SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements of sql server.

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Tue Dec 25 , 2018

Common Table Expressions are defined within the statement using the WITH operator. You can define one or more CTE's. They always returns a result set. They are used to simplified complex queries, i.e, you could eliminate a derived table from the main query body.


With derivedtablename (column1,column2,….)  


With SalaryCTE(EmployeeNo)  
(Select EmployeeID from Emp_Salary where Salary >=5000),

EmpDetailsCTE( Name, EmployeeID ,Salary)  
(Select Name, EmployeeID  
From Employee emp Join SalaryCTE sa  
on emp. EmployeeID = sa. EmployeeID) 

Need of CTE's

  • CTE promotes the code readability.
  • CTE provides recursive programming.
  • CTE makes code maintainability easier.
  • Though it provides similar functionality as a view, it will not store the definition in metadata.
  • CTE promotes ranking function such as ROW_NUMBER(), RANK(), etc.

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